Endress+Hauser Presents

PTU® (Process Training Unit) Training

The ultimate hands-on training experience to simulate real process conditions.

What makes our PTU unique is the full scale, working process skids with on-line instrumentation and controls.

Your team gains hands-on experience with the types of operation, diagnostics and troubleshooting found in real-life process plants. This goes beyond what classroom-only style training can provide.

These “mini process plants” feature Endress+Hauser instruments integrated with the PlantPAx process automation system from Rockwell Automation.

In-House or on-site

Create your team's
Training & Development Plan

Whether you’re looking for Virtual, On-Site, or PTU training, our team is here to help develop the perfect training plan for your staff. 

Don’t know where to start? Let us help with a Training Needs Analysis and co-author the perfect development plan for your teams. 

Trainings we have offered in the past include;

  • Flow School 101
  • Level Measurement 101 
  • Industry Specific Training
  • Digital Protocols
  • Asset Management Training
Whatever training your team needs, our team of experts is here to deliver!

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